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Small update and auctions.

Hey all, haven't updated in awhile.  Not really had much going on.

Im back at college now doing an NC in Computer Games development and...so far... i love it! Awesome course. I have slight priviladges also (which is always nice) as i happen to be friends with our guidance lectuers daughter. Win!

Im starting to sell some of the excess crap i've gathered and will never wear/use. Starting with 3 headdresses i put on ebay. I'd be most appriciative if you'd have a look, theres a Moitie one in there too! I don't have any international shipping marked up but im certainly willing too if im asked for a quote :)


I swear im going to start thrying to post more often :D

Lol, WoW, Moitie & life

So with my soild months (it's actualy years now of dedication to Word of Warcraft I've now given myself repetitive strain injury on my left elbow! :D Even though this is a pretty bad thing, I can't help but be a little proud of myselffor my dedication...i need help man.

Swiftly moving on. MOITIE BROUGH BACK SIZE 3!!!!!!1!!!! That makes me so fucking happy since i decided It wasn't worth loosing weight for fucking clothes, no matter how gorgeous. I like my body (most days).

And finally the dullest part of this post known as life. My art course comes too an end in 4 odd weeks, I'm relieved i can finnally stop wasting my time with this soon, the only reason i've been going for quite some time now is because i need the money. However it appers unlikey that i'll be leaving with the qualification. For this, my final block i think i'll only be able to pass 3/6 of the units. 1 simply because I don't have the mind of a designer & doing a decorative ransom note to Al fucking Capone for a violin case just ain't working for me. The other 2 because our lectuer has been off for a good few weeks so we've had no one teaching those classes until last week where they completely changed what we where gonna be doing in those units and the book with ALL my work from said units has went missing (this has been a problem in out class for quite sometime now). 4 weeks isn't enougth time for me too catch up on them. The other units are quite good though, I rather enjoy doing illustrations & out CD Art work unit.


Cut for unrelated college related photos. :)Collapse )
Every muscle in my body hurts at the moment but it's so worth it.
I'd also like to advise that running into the sea with skinny jeans on is epic phail.
Nor is having your phone in your pocket when you run into said sea, luckly it survived.

I want to go back to Ayr.

Now i intend to trail sand thoughout my whole house for people to find in weird places for the next 2-3 months.

No photos thankfully.....well there are some but you can only see my shadow ^.^

I think i nearly orgasmed when i saw this! I had to have it, it's just so..beautiful! Those lyrics have sentimental meaning to me and my band of warcraftards. They are they sole reason I have a few friends....and now I'm gonna wear it on my tits!

ROTFLMAO is one of the biggest warcraft in-jokes . If your not a player you won't get it.

Nothing to report on life atm, it revolves around warcraft & the attainment of lvl 80..3lvls too go!
Isn't this just the sexiest album cover ever? It's from The Damned "Stretcher Case Baby."

Apparently the album cover is of Elizabeth Balthory, who famously bathed in Virgins blood too gain immortality. The cover art is bit of a metaphor(?) of how shes wishes too be and what really happened.

You just learned something new today.

My week in 3 paragraphs

I turned some man on in the train today, which has amused me muchly. I think i was eating my muffin in that sexy finger licking way. Didn't really notice till he moaned and i looked over too see that he had a bag over his crotched, I loled hard.

What I wore today

Also I got my placement in the Games Dev course with possible exemption from some units becasue I'm awesome.
They really did love me.

What I wore yesterday

Also, I'm going too see Wednesday 13 next Monday :D
So my college is still screwing me over with my money...thats been since the start of Febuary they've been messing about with it. They lost one of the cards my lectuer has to sign for me to get my money, apparently.  I think half of that went through on friday and nothing else, not veen the payment I was due then. Whisch means i have enough money to get too college this week & nothing more.

Moving on, I've applied for a games development course at college, my interview is on friday. Decided to try for a qualifaction that could actually get me somewhere in life unlike an  art qualification,. which is only really relevent to...almost any job i can think of, yup theres a cosy little desk space waiting for me at Blizzard. ^.^

I'm also applying for a job at....*drumroll*.....wait for it......PIZZA HUT! I am hoping to join the ranks of underpaid, overworked students in a week or two.  I need the money. I also want to beable to keep up with my expensive habbits, lolita, designer tags, MAC & life.

I hate being skint >.<

Hopefully I shall have something interesting to say next time.
I've decided, Moi-meme-Moitie need to do more red items, everything i've seen that they've done in red is stunning, In general i believe there isn't enougth red being used in lolita,

I'm feeling like being alittle indulgent at the moment, I passed all my units for this block of my course and have a cosy extra week off to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep. So i believe I deserve a treat ^.^

These shall be mine :D (I'm totally skint the moment, so it's just socks)

Proof why red+black pwnsCollapse )

I think I'm going to go back to the drawing board with my "basic" lolita wardrobe colours. I've missed wearing red.

[meme] 33 things about you

redtonic   YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU... I want to know 33 things about you. I don't care if we never talk or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine... You're on my list, so I wanna know you better! 1. Can you cook? 2. What was your dream growing up? 3. What talent do you wish you had? 4. Favourite place? 5. Favourite vegetable? 6. What was the last book you read? 7. What zodiac sign are you ? 8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 9. Worst Habit? 10. Do we know each other outside of lj? 11. What is your favourite sport? 12. Negative or Optimistic attitude? 13. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? 14. Worst thing to ever happen to you? 15. Tell me one weird fact about you: 16. Do you have any pets? 17. Do you know how to do the macarena? 18. What time is it where you are now? 19. Do you think clowns are cute or scary? 20. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be? 21. Would you be my crime partner or my conscience? 22. What colour eyes do you have? 23. Ever been arrested? 24. Bottle or Draft? 25. If you won $10,000 dollars today, what would you do with it? 26. What kind of bubble gum do you prefer to chew? 27. What 's your favourite bar to hang at? 28. Do you believe in ghosts? 29. Favourite thing to do in your spare time? 30. Do you swear a lot? 31. Biggest pet peeve? 32. In one word, how would you describe yourself? 33. Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?


Oh momma o.o I have been bribed o.o. If I complete my course I'm getting a shiny new Moitie dress O.O Motivation, I haz it.

I think I shall be able to get those drawings done now.

My mum really doesn't want me dropping out this course or getting kicked out (the more likely possiblity). THe only reason I'm still doing it is because I already started it and it's too late now to change to something else. Gonna apply for games dev next week. Until I can come up with something better, it seems I shall be back to plan A.